Steps to writing an artist statement

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6 Steps To Write An Artist Statement: For The Pretentiously Inclined

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How to Write an Artist Statement

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So how do you write a memorable and impactful artist statement? I can help you with that. 5 steps to writing an artist statement that will generate interest in your art from buyers: 1. Keep your artist statement short and to the point.

Your artist statement should be no longer than a page.

6 Tips for Writing an Artist’s Statement

You don’t want to overshare or get too personal. An artist's statement is a short piece written by you, the creative mind behind it all, to accompany a particular painting or group of paintings. An artist's statement shouldn't be dismissed as insignificant or dashed out in a hurry as it's a vital selling tool, promoting and explaining your work to.

At its best, an artist's statement reads easily, is informative, and adds to your understanding of the artist and the painting.

At its worse, an artist's statement is difficult to understand or rambles on is pretentious and irritates rather than informs (or, even, provokes laughter). It’s also a lot of work to handwrite an artist statement, and if you’re submitting to multiple galleries, writing out all those statements is a waste of your time.

It’s easiest to type it out. If you don’t have regular access to a computer or a word processing program, you can always work on your statement online and pay a few cents to have it printed at your.

Home / Career How to Write an Artist Statement and Effectively Introduce Your Work to the World How to Write an Artist Statement and Effectively Introduce Your Work to the World By Jessica Stewart on July 18, Artist Statements: A Quick Guide Your artist statement is a written description of your work that gives your audience deeper To get started writing your statement, try describing one or two recent works.

What do you want the reader to know about them? step outside of the linear, chronological unfolding of events and celebrate the.

How to Write an Artist Statement and Effectively Introduce Your Work to the World Steps to writing an artist statement
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