An analysis of the hazards and steps of air force accident investigations

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Air Force Safety Center

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Air Force Safety Center

SECRETARY OF THE AIR FORCE AIR FORCE MANUAL 1 DECEMBER Operations Hazard Analysis. Program Planning and Operations, AFISafety Investigations and Reports, and AFI. 6 AFMAN 1 DECEMBEROperational Reporting. AFI states that commanders at OCONUS locations.

A Step-by-Step Guide: Incident Investigations OBJECTIVES: • To assist stewards and safety committee members in conducting an incident investigation • Environmental conditions including air temperature, noise, and lighting.

These may. However, despite these efforts things still go wrong and unintended events occur. After a major incident or accident, conducting an accident investigation is generally the next step. A thorough accident or incident investigation may uncover a wealth of knowledge about safety management practices in.

A review and analysis of unmanned aircraft (UA) accident data was conducted to identify important human factors issues related to their use.


UA accident data were collected from the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force. The Air Force Chief of Safety, who also holds the title of commander, Air Force Safety Center, heads the organization and is located at the Pentagon with an Air Staff liaison division.

The Air Force Safety Center is composed of the Deputy Chief of Safety/Executive Director and 10 divisions at its Kirtland AFB location. Job Safety Analysis systematically identifying workplace hazards by breaking down a particular job into a series of relatively simple steps, so that hazards and risks can be eliminated before accidents occur • Used as a tool for accident investigations.

An analysis of the hazards and steps of air force accident investigations
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